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In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful

By the year 1919, Mr. Mohammadtaher Chitsaz established his company under the name of "Chitsaz and Sons". His activities were limited to Khouzestan Province, his place of birth, but his sons expanded company's activities to Tehran, Capital of Iran, by 1931.

Chitsaz and Sons Co was registered officially at 1974.

C & Sons Co was chosen as agent of Kawazaki Steel Co in Iran at 1975. The agency activity continued till 1982 which Iran- Iraq war stopped activities of Kawazaki Steel in Iran.

C & Sons Co changed its name to Economical Cooperation Group Co (ECG Co), by 1985, with advice of Ministry of Industry and Mining, for expanding its business activities. It should be noted that main activity of the company remained steel trading in Iran domestic market.

By 1995, Economical Cooperation Group Co (ECG Co), established "Iran Steel Service Center" as the first steel related information resource center in Iran.

Iran Steel Service Center has been working regarding broadcasting steel related information in different sections in domestic market and abroad during last 17 years.

More than 5,000 Iranian and foreign members use our website services. Services mostly include daily and weekly steel products price announcements in domestic and global markets. Also daily news and weekly reports which include most important steel news from all around the world should not be forgotten.

Many international steel related websites including Meps, Steelbb, Steel Guru, Metal expert, Steel orbis, etc are being informed by this center about Iran steel market trend.

In Iran, many organizations such as Plan and Budget Organization, Oil Ministry, Construction Companies Syndicate, Ministry of Road and Ministry of Energy use our prices and statistics as an index for improving their decision makings.

Economical Cooperation Group Co, had close cooperation with Idro Trading Co from 1997 and has been working as its only agent for distributing its products in domestic market.

Besides, ECG Co established another company under the name of " Tosee Tejarat Foolad Asia Co" by 2008, for expanding its foreign trades. The company is working as the only agent of Kazakhstan Casting Co in Iran for supplying its billet in domestic market. Tosee Tejarat Foolad Asia Co, supply Casting's products by importing or joint venture with Iranian domestic steel mills. Tosee Tejarat Foolad Asia Co got agency of Germany UNITAS Co in 2014 , which is active as financer in steel market and construction market.

Many Iranian steel producers and traders are familiar with Iran Steel Service Center's activities. Our family's long history in steel trading has supported us strongly in this field.

Our company is definitely well organized and have guaranteed its customers during current years that can satisfy their needs undoubtedly. By this policy we were succeeded to improve our annual sales level and reach to over 400,000 M/TNS.

We are trying to do our best for on-time and accurate broadcasting and supplying steel products to Iran domestic market and export to neighboring countries.

We are working with many steel producers, construction companies and steel using sections

Our banks

-Bank Saderat Iran

-Bank Mellat

-Bank Tejarat

-Bank Melli Iran

-Bank Karafarin

-Bank  Eghtesad Novin

-Bank Saman

-Bank Pasargad

Some of our clients:


Steel Producers



Steel End Users



Construction Companies


-Iran National Steel Industry Group

-Iran Khodro Diesel

-Housing Investment Co

-Oxin Steel Mill

-SAIPA Auto Manufacturer Co

-Kanivo Co

-Iran Alloy Steel Co

-Orumie Pipe & Profile Co

Iran Motor Oil Co

-Pars Khazar Co

-Bam Rah Co

-Sasoule Co

-Khorasan Steel Complex

-Takestan Alborz Steel Co


-Automobile Industries Consultant Engineers Co

-Kavir Auto Manufacturer Co

- Steel Azin Co

-Kaj Filter Co

-Mapna Co

-Moshiran Co

-Tarh-O-Palayesh Engineering Company

-Stratus Co

-Bolandmartabesazan Co

-Banayerastin Co


-Pars Motor Oil Co

-Mashiran Co

-Absal Co

-Dorpad Co

-Shaigan Co

-Metaliz Co

-Davam Energy Co

-Mana Construction CO



-Pasargad oil Co

-Fara Sanat Jedar Co


-Omran Falat Gharre Co

-Saba Tamin Parsian Co

-Kohsar Rok  Consortium



-Peichin Co

-Meraat Poulad

 ( affiliated to Esfahan Steel mill)




Brief information


Establishment of Chitsaz and Sons Co

by Mr. Mohammad Taher Chitsaz


Establishment of Khorramshahr and Tehran Branches


Official registration of Chitsaz and Sons Co


Success as agent Kawazaki Steel Co


Changing name of the company to the name of

Economical Cooperation Group Co (ECG CO)


Establishment of Iran Steel Service Center


Success as agent of Idro Trading Co


Registration of Tosee Tejarat Foolad Asia Co


Success as agent of Kazakhstan Casting Co


Success as agent of Germany UNITAS Co


Starting Cooperation with China Shanghai Zuenrong Petrolum Co.Ltd